Never Pass Go monopolizes our time for Episode 1!

Never Pass Go joins Big Jon and Tyler once again! This time, Kevin and Aaron brought a guest of their own…our guest’s guest is Matt (Core Tracks).  Matt also brought a very potent beer (which we are not allowed to mention due to Matt’s Media Exclusion agreement) that we tried throughout the episode.  This episode isn’t without the dick jokes that are practically a pre-requisite when you talk microphones…and Roxy makes her triumphant return, keeping Aaron’s attention almost the entire time.

Never Pass Go’s newest EP is available for purchase for only $5 at Bandcamp.com – “Boy Become A Man” is the bands first attempt at an Acoustic Punk album, something lead singer Kevin Black is passionate about.  He’s working to create a sort of acoustic haven for musicians on tour, to make some extra cash and unplug for a bit.  Working with Rosie O’ Grady’s in San Diego, he has a big event happening on May 5th.  This weekend there’s one happening, February 4th’s Acoustic Revolt starts at 9PM…BE THERE!

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