Aghori Returns to the Futon

It’s been nearly a year since we had Aghori on, and guitarist Jason‘s brother Timmy D from Pullman Standard is our ‘Guest Co-Host‘ for this episode.  Fun Fact (as Timmy likes to put it), Jason once filled in for big bro’s band once as well!  It seems that there’s a lot of guitar switching going on…well, that’s One Theory for ya!  However, we’re not here to talk about old days, were here to talk albums!  We played a few tracks from “Transcending the Illusion before, so we made sure to not play the same ones again…

I picked these three songs to showcase all of the bands characteristics and ability to just knock this thrash metal thing out of the park!  If you like chest-thumping double bass kicks, intense screaming, and screaming guitars, then these guys are for you.  I really listened to this album a few times and realized something that has been bugging me…I couldn’t quite nail it until now, but i just recently realized that Dustin (lead singer) sounds like a more badass version of Alien Ant Farm‘s lead Dryden Mitchell.  Even from a musical perspective, the band’s talent rivals that of those other metal/rock greats.  The difference?  About 20 years…and these guys are much harder!  Buy Aghori‘s “Transcending the Illusion and get ready for their new album, “Mind Operator,” due out on Dustin’s Birthday (possibly…BLUE DART), Mat 22nd. We play a snippet of that for you at the end of this weeks episode. Make sure NOT to miss them on March 18th, at The Merrow in San Diego.

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