Marujah Gets “blue” on the Futon

This crazy quintet came to us by recommendation of friend of the show, Cantua.  Marujah, it’s made up…sort of…so you’ll have to listen for the meaning, is a crazy band with more influences than anyone I’ve ever met.  There are five guys who come from differing musical backgrounds and combine their unique combination into a “Multicultural high energy dub stoner rock destruction,” according to the San Diego Reader.

We talk about their latest album, Guerrero, and how they tend to swing political in their stylings.  I like that, for the most part at least, they keep their music neutral but still maintain their message.  Of course, with the political environment as tense as it is, who could blame them for chiming in with their two-cents?  They also blend English and Spanish as the cross between them in many of their songs.  I guess you can call that Spanglish? Nevermind…either way, they provide a “tone” that helps you to follow along and break down that language barrier.

Marujah has another album out, available on their website as well, called Dystopia 1308, and some other merch for sale.  Check them out live, they are all over the place in the next few weeks…including THREE DAYS STRAIGHT of playing and touring for Enrique’s birthday weekend!  Oh, yeah…one other thing…at the end of the show, they perform LIVE! Enjoy the show and get out to see these guys live!  They’re hilarious!!!

31st March – TJ Arte Y RockTijuana, Mexico
1st April – Hecho En MexicoLos Angeles, CA
2nd April – Museo Valle de MexicaliMexicali, Mexico

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