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Jon Campos and the Incurables POISON the Dusty Futon

Opera singer Jon Campos formed “Jon Campos and the Incurables” in 2015 after leaving Seventrain.  It’s TRUE! He had an OPERA scholoraship!!! Drew Gino joined (Initially only) to provide some backing on Jon’s acoustic gigs, then they grabbed James Raub and formed this little group that’s about to make waves.  Wanting to stay in the Alternative Rock format, the group launched with their EP “Tragic Tales and Lullabies,” available just about everywhere you can think (APPLE, GOOGLE PLAY, AMAZON, SPOTIFY, EBAY(close enough)) and we play three of those tracks for you!  You can also check them out at their website joncamposandtheincurables.com.

You discover how oddly similar Jon Campos and the host Big Jon are…it’s very creepy actually (and not just their names), you’ll have to listen to find out…that, and some cool insights to the album and production notes.  We also learn that Kim Campos or Thornton or Egoian (Jon‘s wife and Manager) is the most important Incurable…after all, she married him…Bedazzler that he is and all…

Tyler is still MIA and Timmy had to be a Rockstar for awhile, so Trevor steps up to bat…and hits a…well…at LEAST a triple…but Futoners, you are the ones who really decide.  Until then…listen to the episode and enjoy the pics and vids below!

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This is their video of “Tragic Tales and Lullabies” that has been nominated for best video!


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