Sons of Eden Originate on the Futon

Sons of Eden may be the music of David Hermsen, but if you ask him, it’s nothing without the other members.  The name was decided early on, so the two women of the group, Marcia and Kristen, have adopted “Suns” of Eden (or Daughters of Eve…much cooler) to ensure their femininity isn’t drowned out by the name.  Both of these women are the backbeat for Sons of Eden, they comprise the rhythm section…Marcia on Bass and Kristen on the cajon.  Noah, however, it the best kept secret…providing some of the most fluid solos you’ve heard in awhile.

This brand new band already has some serious rock cred, able to trace it’s roots to Johnny Cash and Journey while also playing “old songs” that are definitely new to you.  Each member has their own projects they are working on outside of Sons of Eden, but they certainly gel when they get together for Practice.  Kristen tries to describe what a typical practice is like…I think she finally got it out.  That’s ok, most of the episode was spent picking on Dave and the STILL NEW cohost Trevor.  There’s some great info on the band and their history (not the 4 short months they’ve been together, the history EACH of them have as musicians) along with TONS of embarrassing and rather racy moments…but that’s not why were here…

Their music is soulful and serene, yet still has that Rock beat to it…it’s definitely rock, but with an acoustic feel.  Check out the tracks we play for you in the episode and stay tuned.  As soon as the episode is out, we will let you know!

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