WordSauce spills on the Dusty Futon

The guys from WordSauce, well…five of them…two stayed with their short-bus and trailer, stopped by the futon and spilled some of their sauce on it.  They’ve had that bus for over 7 years!  After paying $1000 for it I’d say it’s been a pretty damn good investment.  After all, as Timmy D. points out, with 7 members and at least one merch guy/girl, you would definitely need something like that.  The members of this motley crew of 7 former strangers are from scattered points of Cali, but through a series of fateful twists and turns (well described in the podcast) met in this group of musicians before you now.

It’s all fun and games as we learn the Metal Rockers incarnate morphed into this fusion rock band featuring a horn player (Sam on the Sax), a DJ mixing up the vinyl (Emortal), and a traditional rock ensemble (Kevin and Shawne on Guitars, Wesley on Bass, and Billy G on Drums)…then the fast talking vocalist Risko and BLAMO! You’ve got WORDSAUCE!

With ties to both San Diego and San Francisco, and other areas in between, these guys own California…but shine that San Diego sound.  These Southern California rockers have plenty of dates up and down the coast, so there’s no reason to not go see them.  Check out their tunes, buy their album on bandcamp, and support these guys live by buying merch!

APRIL 22ndThe Siren in Morro Bay
MAY 25th&26thRoad to Cali Roots
JUNE 22nd Big Surreal 2017

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