Kaitlyn Gold ****s on the Dusty Futon

Foul-mouthed but sexy-as-hell Kaitlyn Gold looked very comfortable on the Dusty Futon during this episode.  It almost looks like she’s seen her fair share of futons.  That’s not this editor being a misogynist…she said it herself.  In fact, she took ownership of all the sexism on the podcast this week.  Either way, this 5’1″ golden haired minx can sing the blues in a way that’ll make you feel again.  With an operatic voice scarred by years of heavy smoking, and a checkered past when it comes to men, Kaitlyn Gold definitely has a story to tell…and she bares a good portion out on the Futon.

Kaitlyn’s music is nothing short of blunt.  She doesn’t mince words when she talks about how her exes treated her and what she’s gone through to get here now.  And by now I mean releasing a single internationally on radio.  It’s awesome that the Dusty Futon found her through an interview on BackStage 360 during a Boogie Magazine event…now we get to sit down and chat about her music and story…it only took 6 months.  I mentioned Kaitlyn’s height for one major reason…she doesn’t like to hire people shorter then her.  Don’t let that tough-girl look fool you, or underestimate her wit and charm.  She’s also hilarious!  Between her not allowing chicks in her band and “Ghost Writer” Carl, who’s she’s know for a week but came to her rescue, the stories that come out of her mouth are ridiculous!  Timmy D of Pullman Standard and Big Jon were rolling on the ground with what came out of her mouth.

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