The Montell Jordans reveal no secrets on the Dusty Futon

The Montell Jordans are a mish-mosh of guys with different musical backgrounds that somehow works.  Tim and Ryan are the masterminds behind the tunes, but Adam and Matt comprise the rhythm section, the backbone of the vision Tim is creating.  The episode isn’t too far in before we get our first gay joke…but, thankfully it’s the last one.  Instead, we actually learn more about the band and how they came to be.

Their first album features a track called “I’m Not Your Father, But You Can Call Me Daddy,” and features a killer video the crew shot and edited all by their lonesome.  It’s actually awesome quality for amateur work (WATCH BELOW).  Then again, these guys are no amateurs…their seasoned vets of the music industry…and their album Sweater Puppies proves it with awesome track after awesome track!  Including their secret track!

Get their album at bandcamp for FREE (hook them up with a donation) or buy it on CDBABY for $7.99.  Your choice.  Either way, they get paid!  Even more when you buy their merch!

See them live at Slam-Diego at the Soma on April 28th, Lakefest in Eastlake on May 6th, AND (notice…not or) Amps and Ales at Memorial Park in Chula Vista on May 13th.

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