Splavender Rolls onto the Dusty Futon

The band Splavender formed from the remnants of another band, creating the indie-pop punk band we have today.  Danny is the brainchild behind (most of) the music of Splavender, including recording/engineering/producing their first few releases.  This band is a DIY band out to have fun and share their music to anyone who wants to listen.  In fact, their tunes are available on bandcamp FOR FREE! Of course, you know we would really like it if you kicked them at least $1…it help them make more music!

Anyway…back to the music, Danny sang Tenor 1 in choir (Trevor learns what a Castrato Tenor is), and that lends a very unique sound when sent through a guitar amp (among other things).  The first song we play, “Chrome Addict,” was actually written by Anthony, their drummer, who explains what it means to be a drummer.  One of the few songs in their published catalogue that isn’t written by Danny.  Oscar’s leads are on fire, and Andre, bass and sax, drops some hilarious bombs throughout this episode of the Dusty Futon as we play a few more tracks from their collection!  They just dropped their newest EP and it’s available COMPLETELY FREE on SoundCloud and we play a couple off of that as well.  Support your local music scene and spread the word!

Check out Splavender live at the Soda Bar on May 28th

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