Lindy Crandall Hula Hoops on the Dusty Futon

Lindy Crandall brings her many talents onto the Futon in the form of her original tunes. Her most recent album, “She Lights The Sky,” is a tribute to her late friend and gives her a chance to explore more sides to her musicianship.  It’s definitely a change up from her first album, “Flower Child.”  The stories behind these three tracks nearly brings her to tears as she remembers Rachel.  Desert Rose and the title track, She Lights The Sky, were written specifically with Rachel in mind.  The album was put together through an IndieGogo campaign and contains one of her older songs, Sycamore Grove, which is a song about a utopia she’s designed herself.

This 3-song EP manages to package up Lindy‘s talents pretty well, but not all of them. She’s apparently also adept at the Hula Hoop you can find her videos on YouTube, along with some music stuff too, but we got one below for you to look at.  However, DO subscribe to her YouTube channel! This little sweetheart works her tail off to be as good as a musician as possible, singing since she was a little girl and taking lessons from one of the greats, Lindy Crandall is destined to be one of the greats herself.

You can see this songbird LIVE at the Gypsy Fest happening on June 10th!  It’s a really neat camping event coming up that features so many local musicians!  Tickets are cheap, but Lindy will get you 10% off…CLICK HERE and enter the DISCOUNT CODE LCRAN17 before purchasing!

Lindy can pull off a mean Hula Hoop!

Check her out killing it at her CD Release party!

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