Slay Dean Gets Dirty on the Futon

A bassist joined the Peace Corps, which led to FIVE new bands being formed, which eventually turned into FOUR, and I believe it went to three and might be back up to four, but anyway. TWO of those bands are Splavender (two weeks ago) and Slay Dean! The two recently played together and that’s kind of what brought them to us. The man behind Slay Dean is Sean Daly…(See anything there?…an Anagram maybe?…it didn’t get by us). We wondered if he thought of using Seal Dany or Sayn Deal…?

Sean is branching out, getting a band to back up his Abstract Rock project, that has a surf-rock / Rockabilly feel throughout, to bring his music to the masses. The first album, Red Tape, is featured during shows along with other music they don’t have recorded just yet. Sean is the featured artist on the entire album, and we talk to him, and bassist Grant, about what it’s like finding someone to play his music.

You get the feeling that this guy is pretty weird, and you’d be right. His videos seem random and his use of public domain videos is quite strange, and there’s no real intended connection between the video and audio, yet…strangely…something happens. Check out the video to one of the songs we listened to on this episode. Dead Fright, off of the Red Tape album.

Dead Fright Video on You Tube

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