Lillian Lefranc Loves Laughing on the Futon

Lillian Lefranc is a saucy “white-washed” (self-described) Mexican who adds her roots in Mariachi music into a Singer / Songwriter style of performance. You might know her from hanging around Hillcrest or the North Park area, or maybe even at the Fair Trade Decor in Del Mar, but we know her for her infectious laugh and BiPolar tendencies. Those crazy ideas that come into your head can turn into some great stories or songs. Lillian (Alexa) does have a few songs recorded so we sit around and listen to them for a bit.

Her favorite album is a Mariachi album by Linda Ronstadt (Did you know that existed? I didn’t), which really explains her personality if you think about it. You have to listen to the episode to find out what that means. You’ll also find out how she became Trevor’s first…and what THAT means! Check her out as we play and talk about her music prowess.

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