The Meddlers WONT LEAVE The Futon

6-piece SKA band The Meddlers enjoys creating a big band sound out of their horn section, while still maintaining their Ska Core roots.  Trevor learns more about music this episode!  We’re so proud of him, he learns about horns…yeah, he didn’t know what a horn section in a ska band was.  A little bit more technical, he also learns what a musical “exchange” between instruments is.  Regardless of that, The Meddlers have created a unique listening experience that brings you through a few different musical styles.

Alex and Jonathan talk about the melding of multiple different influences from all SIX members, including bands outside the Ska scene but still influential like Squirrel Nut Zippers and Leftover Crack.  Their multitude of musical experiences add a sense of confidence to this young band.  Formed only in 2015, they have already played with some of the well-knowns like The Toasters and the band Sekta Core.  Their writing style is simple but effective for a large band, where one or two members create a melody line and the rest of the band helps finish the song.  These guys work as a team and play as a team.  It’s tough with 6 members…took them awhile to even settle on “The Meddlers” as a band name, but it led them to a beautifully simple logo and a bad joke by Trevor.

This band is #HereToStay.  Make sure and check them out at or on their Facebook at – Check them out on the Dusty Futon!

Want to see them perform?  They will be live at the Not Another Ska Fest 5 THIS SATURDAY! 23 bands on 2 stages…sure to be a kick-ass time!

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