Picasso The Banshee Save Punk on the Dusty Futon

Picasso The Banshee is such a unique band name that there would have to be a unique story behind it. There is…kind of. It’s the project of one man, Jacob, who was unable to make it to the recording session. In his place, he sent his new drummer Angel and his lyricist / guitarist Andrew. These guys try hard not to throw their leader under the bus, but it seems Jacob is a slave driver (and with good results). The awesome punk rock music coming out of our headphones says it doesn’t matter.

With influences like Blink 182, The Descendants, and Alkaline Trio, Picasso The Banshee shows their true punk roots on their debut EP “Louie.” The EP is available on Bandcamp at picassothebanshee.bandcamp.com, along with a quickly produced Christmas tune. We haven’t heard it yet, but we talked about it in the episode…purchase at your own risk!  We listen to their current EP Louie, which, true to the bands origins itself, has an interesting story behind it as well carries a picture of someone not even in the band.

The new EP (They reveal the name in the episode!!! …you have to listen) will HOPEFULLY be out soon, featuring the impressive bass lines of Jacob holding this band together.

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