RJ Fax Helps Kickoff Dusty Futons Producer’s Corner

Ryan Scherbaum is RJ Fax, or RJ Sanctuz, or…well…he goes by whatever he wants!  RJ Fax now has crossed over Big Jon’s line of Producer vs. Musician, so this episode introduces the “Producer’s Corner” segment of The Dusty Futon.  Created by Trevor, this idea allows Hip Hip artists like DJ’s, Producers, and Rappers, their own outlet for their artistry.

RJ Fax’s new album “Yin” features a style called “Trip Hop” that he focused on.  Check out the conversation he has with Big Jon and Trevor on the first ever episode of Dusty Futon’s Producer’s Corner…where this crossover artists actually plays his guitar live for us!  An exclusive performance of “Halloween Party” that was never recorded…

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