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The Dusty Futon

Welcome to the Dusty Futon! We are just a couple of musicians and music lovers who know that there is a TON of music out there nobody hears, and we have made it our mission to get as much of it out there as possible! Join us as we bring you BANDS, MUSICIANS, SINGER/SONGWRITERS, and more for your listening pleasure! On…


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Dusty Futon Origins

The Dusty Futon’s first season was full of random crap as Tyler and Big Jon stumbled heir way around a garage full of crap. It wasn’t until near the end of Season 1 that they discovered their joint passion for music held a new direction for the Dusty Futon.

First Episode Ever | Dusty Futon

Big Jon and Tyler discuss the meaning and origin of Dusty Futon and how Tyler got Stabbed? Yeah…that came out during our discussion about roommates…