Thats AWESOME! Well…we want to help you have your own episode!  Here’s some guidelines and how-to’s

FIRST: Are you a musician or producer with ORIGINAL content?
(If no…sorry, we want to focus right now on original artists…but our Tribute and Cover band versions are right around the corner…so STAY TUNED!)


If you live in the Southern California area, or are planning on being in SoCal and having some free time on a Saturday afternoon, that’s when we do our recordings!  I know, Saturday’s are usually recovery or gig time…but that’s why we do EARLY afternoon’s, and it’s a relaxed, stress-free environment. (This isn’t an interview!)

Recording sessions are generally between noon and 6pm on a Saturday, consist of 3-5 bands, each with an hour-long recording slot, and is as laid back as sitting on the couch at your friends house.  The process is fun…we talk, introduce you, talk about your music and style, exchange other pleasantries, then begin playing your music.

The rest happens naturally as it unfolds to get candid and pure moments for your fans to enjoy. After the recording sessions are finished, we edit it, clean it up, add high-quality digital versions of your audio that you provided (we need those emailed to us prior to your recording date please) then release the episode on a Wednesday.

SO…whadd’ya think?  Still interested? Email us at submit@dustyfuton.com for available dates.