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A Musicians Podcast…for musicians, by musicians

What is the Dusty Futon?

I’m glad you asked!  The Dusty Futon was born out of the mind of Big Jon.  He knew we wanted to do a podcast, but he had no idea where to start.  Enter Tyler…Big Jon and Tyler worked together and decided to start something…and we called it, the Dusty Futon!

Big Jon’s garage in East County San Diego, CA was the original home of the DustyFuton.  The name came from a dusty old futon that is in the garage where Big Jon lived, but it’s become something more symbolic than that now.  The true owner of the “original” Dusty Futon will not be named; however, he has “granted” us permission to use it.  The CONCEPT of The Dusty Futon has become a place where musicians can connect with their fans…for free…and for fun!

After a few episodes, Big Jon and Tyler started seeing a pattern at their recording sessions: We always ended up relating everything to music and music to life.  It was then that we decided to focus on music in every episode!  But we still weren’t sure how to do it.  Then Season 3 happened.  Season 3 took place at Tyler’s pad up in North County, and some magic flowed.  Tyler reconnected with old artists, Big Jon saw a format developing, and the rest is history…


Season 4 began with a punch of Punk rock, and Tyler…then he mysteriously disappeared and was replace by guest co-hosts.  Where did Tyler go?  What’s the future of the Futon?  Only one man knows…and he’s not tellin’